Using Quality Content To Your Advantage

First off I don’t know why I am starting a blog, I hope someone finds this information that I have learned over the past few years helpful. I will be using this blog as a learning tool to some of my students as they are stating to learn different ways to get some traffic while using a blog.

That said I am by no means a pro at blogging even though I probably have about 10 blogs in the sports industry. This is my first wordpress blog and I am sure it will show.

Now lest get in to a subject and this is one that is near and dear to me Quality Content.

When I first started doing affiliate marketing I made every mistake in the book. I started a site and filled it with large banners with the idea of “if you build it they will come” What a mistake and it is a mistake that almost every newbie affiliate makes.

Then I did something that changed the way I think about the internet I searched for a outboard motor part for my boat. What I was really looking for was information on where to find this part. You know what I ran into was a bunch of forum post and articles on where to find the best parts and such. That is when it hit me that I was doing something wrong.

About three weeks later I had the chance to meet a man by the name of James Martell and after a long conversation with him I realized a few things that I was doing wrong  although I didn’t tell him that at the time.

I guess around this time I actually had about three sites and I can say I still have all three but they have changed into Martell type sites with a few of my original ideas thrown in. So what is it that I changed? I changed my sites from banner link farms to quality content sites.

My thinking is people are looking for information so give the people what they want.  Quality information

Now I build a site on a subject that I know a lot about and how How to Create Quality Content



Hi all

Figure I try my hand at the blogging thing and see what all the fuss is about.